Womens Wigs

Womens Wigs are now of a very high undetectable quality, with stock or ready made womens wigs being as good as custom made wigs of old.

The best womens wigs are made with a translucent monofilament top and fine mesh back and sides, some also come with a lace front to make the womens wig front hair line as natural as possible.

Womens wigs now are of a lower more natural density than they used to be, making them undetectable.

There are 2 main forms of womens wigs;

  • Ready or stock made womens wigs, these are made to a set range of styles and colours, and come in either Fibre or Human Hair, directwigs are very good for this type of womens wig.
  • Custom Made womens wigs can be made to any requirement, colour and style, Dr Ross at Perfection Hair is very good for this type of womens wig.

Some manufactures produce very high quality womens wigs and Ellen Wille in Germany are one of the best with a very good range.

  • Jon Renau from California USA also have a very high quality range.
  • Raquel Welch and Joan Collins are 2 of the main celebrities who have embraced womenswigs and have their own line of womens wigs.
  • Hair Integration is a very new type of womens wigs or thickening system, if simply replaces the lost hair and works with the hair you already have.